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Playa del Carmen offers you the warm hospitality found only in provincial Mexico plus the Caribbean experience you will surely love. Choose your own level of comfort and budget – lavish yourself with 5-star luxury in the posh hotels, swing on a hammock on a cabaña in front of the beach, surround yourself with the heady fragrance of a lush tropical garden.

Beachfront Accommodations in Playa del Carmen

Ah! The water! There is something about it that simply smoothes away the creases and wrinkles in our busy and hectic lives. The smell of the sea, the coolness of the ocean breeze and the regular ebb and flow of the waves does something to our minds and souls.

Of course, if you want this relaxing experience, you must be prepared to pay a premium, but for some, it is definitely worth it. Remember, when booking your hotel or resort, keep in mind that “ocean view” does not mean “ocean front” There is a difference, so carefully check the hotel's details before booking.

Off Beach Accommodations in Playa del Carmen

There are also hotels and hostels off that are off the beach. But they more than make up for it by giving you more competitive prices, extra amenities and a nice swimming pool.

Family/ Group Accommodations In Playa del Carmen

There are also some hotels that have one, two to three bedroom units, very ideal for groups.

Playa del Carmen Accommodation Information

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