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Playa del Carmen is blessed with a semi-tropical climate. This means hot, hot, hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures can reach a sizzling 100° degrees Fahrenheit (37.7° Celsius) in the summer. It's absolutely perfect beach whether, so head for the beach or enjoy a leisurely stroll along La Quinta Avenue. The humidity makes for hot and steamy afternoons but comfortable, breezy nights.

The best months to visit Playa del Carmen is from February until May, although warmer waters in May usually bring about jelly fish. June to August still yield hot and humid weather, with some rainfall. This is a great time to visit the cenotes for a refreshing dip. It also makes for great beach haunts, as the sea is calmest at this time and this brings out the turquoise color of the water. With September and October comes the tropical storm season with some hurricanes thrown in, although take note that it does not rain everyday. Meanwhile, November to January are the area's coolest months. There will also be some rain.

Some weather reminders:
1. Light cotton clothing is the norm during daytime and warmer clothes (including a light jacket or sweater) are for night-time use.
2. Although winters are mild, temperatures can still drop during nighttime so don't forget to pack a sweater.
3. During summer, be sure to take in plenty of liquids and wear sunblock.

Here is a breakdown of average highs and lows per month:

Month Average High Average Low
January 81° F/27° C 67° F/19° C
February 82° F/28° C 68° F/20° C
March 84° F/29° C 71° F/22° C
April 85° F/29° C 73° F/23° C
May 88° F/31° C 77° F/25° C
June 89° F/32° C 78° F/26° C
July 90° F/32° C 78° F/26° C
August 90° F/32° C 77° F/25° C
September 89° F/32° C 76° F/24° C
October 87° F/31° C 74° F/23° C
November 84° F/29° C 72° F/22° C
December 82° F/28° C 69° F/21° C

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