Merida, Mexico
Merida mexico

Merida City is the capital of the state of Yucatan in Mexico. It is also its largest city and sits about 30 kilometers from the Gulf of Mexico. Merida is also called the White City (La Ciudad Blanca) because the palaces and homes built there used white stone.

Merida is a city filled with charm – temples and churches, plazas and palaces all exude a certain grace that is only seen in a colonial city. Indeed, Merida is a fascinating combination of colonial-era architecture and a rich Indian heritage.


Buildings in Merida are marked as excellent examples of colonial architecture. Here are some you should see:
  • Cathedral: The cathedral boasts a 7-meter image of Christ and beautiful mozarabic style towers.
  • Casa de Montejo: This stunning nongovernment building is built in the plateresque style.
  • Canton Palace: More eclectic than the other buildings in Merida, this incorporates marble and ironwork into the structure. This is also a museum housing archaeological treasures of the Mayan world.
  • Paseo Montejo: Built under the inspiration of the Champs Elysees, this street boasts three-story buildings painted in vivid colors.


Merida is a shopping wonderland. Here you can buy excellent native crafts, such as the famous Mayan hammock and some Mayan art.


Merida has plenty of art galleries featuring both local and foreign artists. Amble along the Paseo Montejo (the main street) and you will find a lot of original sculptures crafted by local artists.

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