Playa del Carmen Travel Tips

Here are some travel tips that will prove helpful:

Currency and Money Changers

Mexican money

The currency used in Mexico is the peso. There are some money exchange houses in downtown Playa del Carmen. These are usually open throughout the day until early in the evening. Most of the money exchange houses are close to the pier or close to La Quinta. These and the banks are the best places to get the best exchange rate. There are also some establishments that accept U.S. dollars.

Although most hotels accept major credit cards, make sure you have access to enough cash, as some establishments accept only cash. A small fee is deducted whenever you use an ATM to withdraw some cash.

ATM Locations

Here are some locations of ATMs in Playa del Carmen. Some ATMs also offer money exchanging services:

  • Banorte Plaza Pelicanos, 10th Avenue, between Calle 8 and 10
  • BBV Bancomer Avenida Juarez and 25th Avenue
  • Bital 30th Avenue between Calle 4 and 6
  • Avenida Juarez between 10th and 15th Avenue
  • Scotiabank Inverlat Corner of 5th Avenue and Juarez
  • CICSA 5th Avenue and Calle la. Sur
  • Intercontinental Avenida Juarez between 5th and 10th Avenue
  • Monex Plaza Antigua near the Continental Hotel


Phone booth in mexico

You can call direct anywhere around the world whether you are in your hotel or using a pay phone. There are prepaid phone cards available virtually anywhere. There are also some payphones that accept payment via credit cards but we recommend that you avoid this, as it makes you vulnerable to credit card theft.

The telephone country code for Mexico is 52 while the area code for Playa del Carmen is 984. When making a call within the state of Quintana Roo, add a 9 before the seven digits of the number you are calling. When making a local call, drop the 9 and just dial the seven digits.

Avoid using the postal service, as it takes weeks or even months for a letter or package to arrive, or not at all. So, don't send anything of value via Mexican Mail. However, if you do need to send mail, the post office (correo) is on Avenida Juarez, just three blocks from the Plaza.

As for internet access, there are plenty of internet cafes in town. Most of these cafes have fast connection speeds.


Banks are usually open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Mexico uses 110 volts/60 cycles. So if you are using electronic gadgets that use otherwise, remember to bring an adapter.


A standard tip would be ten to fifteen percent of the bill. Check to see whether a 10% service charge is already included in the bill, particularly in restaurant tabs. Don't forget to tip your tour guide and maid,

Respect for Nature

Playa del Carmen is a paradise, filled with nature's bounty. To make sure that we enjoy these treasures for a long time, we must respect nature and take good care of it.

  • Don't stand on the coral. This damages the coral.
  • Use biodegradable sunscreen, when swimming in a cenote, avoid using lotions and creams, as the chemicals in these may damage the delicate ecosystem that the fish depend on.

Travel Tips

  • Bring a “survival kit with you when you travel. Eye drops, bottled water, face moisturizer, a snack and a neck pillow will prove helpful when you travel.
  • Leave simple tokens or gifts for the maid, you will discover that you have extra shampoo or towels in return.

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