Playa del Carmen Beaches
Playa de Carmen beach

The beaches in Playa del Carmen are blessed with white sand and crystal clear waters. There are beach bars and restaurants that line up the beaches to provide refreshments whenever you feel hungry or thirsty. The public beaches are regularly maintained – seaweed is raked up and a garbage crew collects trash daily.

Here is a rundown of the beaches in Playa del Carmen, running north.

Nuddy Beach
This beach straddles both Tulum and Playa del Carmen. It has its own beach club that is equipped with beach lounges, boom boxes and bathing beauties. It is quite near the ruins of Tulum.
Playa Tukan
This beach is between Nuddy and Mamitas Beach. This is a busy beach, with lots of beautiful people lounging about or indulging in some watersports.

Mamitas Beach
This is a favorite spot and has a beach club that has been in operation for quite some tie. The beach is equipped with a bar and restaurant, beach beds and beach volleyball courts. Mamitas plays host to the Fashion TV show every year.

Zubul Beach
This beach is among the favorite beaches in Playa del Carmen because it is as beautiful as the other beaches but in a more laidback way.

Coco Beach
If you want it more laidback and less crowded, then head for Cocobeach. This is a less trendy beach, as it is a walk away from the busy port area. However, you get more privacy here.

-Wear sandals as the sand can get quite hot during the day
-Wear sunglasses to ward off the glare coming from the white sand

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