Campeche, Mexico

Campeche belongs to the State of Campeche and is located in the western part of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is a charming combination of baroque Spanish architecture and Mayan culture.

This was originally the Mayan city of Canpech until Spanish colonists established it in 1540 as a colonial town. Most of the original Mayan structures were destroyed to make way for the fortifications and walls built by the Spanish.


Campeche is a delightfully colonial town filled with cobblestone streets and colonial-era buildings. Do not miss to stop and take a look at:

  • Cathedral de la Concepcion (Yucatan's oldest cathedral)
  • Museo Regonal (displays historical and cultural aspects of the region)
  • Mansion Carvajal (a mansion that exemplifies the opulence enjoyed by the city during its heyday)
  • Casa de Cultura (a Moorish style building that features rotating art exhibits.


There are nine fortifications that you can see in Campeche:

  • San Carlos Fortress
  • Santa Rosa Fortress
  • San Juan Fortress
  • San Francisco Fortress
  • San Pedro Fortress
  • Santiago Fortress
  • Soledad Fortress
  • San Jose El Bajo Fortress
  • San Jose Fortress


Campeche is famous for its hunting possibilities. You can hunt for bracket deer, wild turkey and duck.


This is one of the many archaeological sites in the Yucatan. It is a Classic period city contains some superb buildings. The Pyramid of the Five Niches is 31 meters tall and can be seen from afar, even as you approach Edzna. The city also has limestone temples, a ball court and an amphitheater. Other elements include stucco masks and water canals. All of these make Edzna a must-visit site.

Calakmul Biosphere Reserve

Located 360 kilometers east of Campeche, this is probably Mexico's largest tropical jungle, covering an astounding 1.5 million acres. It combines ecology with archaeology.

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