Playa del Carmen Travel Safety
Ambulance in Mexico

Here is some important information in case you get into an emergency in Playa del Carmen:

Hospitals/Medical Service

Address: C. Balamcanché Lote 1, MZA.30,Carr. Federal, Playacar Phase II
Telephone: 984-803-1002
Hours: Daily, 24 hours a day

Address: Hwy 307 and Calle 28, on the west side of the highway
Telephone: 984-879-3114
Hours: Daily, 24 hours a day

Clinica Medica del Carmen
Address: 25th Ave. between Calle 2 and Juarez
Telephone: 984-873-0885
Hours: Daily, 24 hours a day

For diving related injuries:
Camara Hiperbarica (Hyperbaric Chamber)
Address: 10th Avenue and 28th Street
Telephone: 984-873-1365
Hours: Daily, 24 hours a day

Farmacia del Carmen
Address: Avenida Juárez between Avenidas 5 and 10
Telephone: 984-873-2330)
Hours: Daily, 24 hours a day

Health Insurance

Even before leaving home, be sure that your health insurance will cover overseas travel. Don't forget to bring your Medical Insurance card and some claims forms. You may also opt to buy a temporary travel and health insurance policy that will insure your health expenses in the event that you have a medical emergency.

Jungle Adventure Safety Tips

If you want to drive into the forest to do some exploration, remember the following:
1. Make sure you have a full tank of gas
2. Tell someone where you are going
3. Bring mosquito repellant
4. Bring a compass and a map. Make sure that your compass works.
5. Remember landmarks along the way.
6. Make regular checks to orient yourself (vis a vis the movement of the sun)

Safety Tips When Out & About

With the influx of tourism come all sorts of petty crimes. So it is best to keep your eyes open in order to keep yourself safe.
1. When in a public and crowded place such as the bus or the market, keep you money and valuables in a money bag and wear it around your neck and inside your shirt.
2. Carry a pre-paid call card with you always, in case you have to make an emergency call.

Other Health and Safety Reminders

First aid kit

1. Avoid drinking tap water – use bottled water, even when brushing you teeth. Also, it is important to take note that you can also get sick from unconsciously ingesting tap water while showering. To avoid this, use mouthwash and keep it in your mouth while you are showering.
2. To make sure that what you are drinking is really bottled water, ask the waiter in a restaurant to bring you an unopened bottle.
3. A few days before and during your trip, eat yogurt at least once a day. This will help your system fight off bacteria, thus, increasing your chances of warding off the dreaded “Montezuma's Revenge.” You can also take two teaspoons of Pepto Bismol before eating a meal.
4. Have your own first-aid kit handy for those small cuts and scrapes. Ring rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, band-aids, antibiotic ointments, skin creams.
5. Cary a hand sanitizer at all times. Most establishments do not have paper towels and soap.
6. Upon arriving at Playa del Carmen, take note of the location of the hospitals and clinics. Find out where the nearest medical treatment facility is and have its number handy.

Swimming Tips

As you will do a lot of swimming while in Playa del Carmen, it will be useful to keep the following in mind:

1. Have meat tenderizer handy for jellyfish stings. Sprinkle the meat tenderizer on the affected area. This helps prevent swelling and pain.
2. Wear beach shoes when walking or swimming, as there are sea urchins, stingray tails and other things you can step on.
3. If you feel that you are being sucked out into the ocean, don't panic. Immediately swim parallel to the shoreline. This will cause you to swim out of the undertow and you can use the current to push you back to the shore.

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