Museums in Playa del Carmen
Playa de Carmen museo de arte

The area around the Yucatan Peninsula used to full of magnificent historical objects. Sadly, the looting of the ruins have depleted this treasure trove. However, there are still some things to see. Here are some of the museums near Playa del Carmen that are worth a visit:


  • Museum of Anthropology and History
    Address: South Side, Convention Center, Hotel Zone
    Items: Skulls, jewelry and other artifacts


  • National Museum of Popular Arts
    Address: Calle 59 betweeen Calles 48 and 50
    Items: Ceremonial masks and traditional Maya costumes
  • Regional Museum of Anthropology
    Address: Corner of Paseo de Montejo and Calle 43
    Items: Artifacts made of bronze and copper

Chichen Itza

  • Chichen Itza boasts some highly interesting Mayan ruins and also a small museum featuring artifacts obtained from the ruins.


  • Estelas Maya Museum
    Address: North side of Plaza Moch-Cuouh at the Baluarte de la Soledad
    Items: Has real steleas
  • Fuerte de San Miguel
    Address: From Plaza Moch-Cuouh, go 4 km south along the coast road with and walk up a hill from Avenida Escenica
    Items: Pottery

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