Xcaret, Mexico
Xcaret water house

Xcaret is an absolutely unforgettable eco-archaeological park. Going into Xcaret is like walking into paradise. Its jungles are home to a wide variety of animals, such as the spider monkey, crocodile, sea turtles, jaguars, iguanas, macaws and flamingos. Come nighttime, the locals will regale you will a re-creation of a Mayan ball game plus some fire ceremonies and ancestral dances. It boasts underground rivers accessed through cenotes, an aviary, a butterfly pavilion, a tropical reef aquarium, botanical garden and plant nursery.


Discover underwater treasures without getting into the water. The tropical reef aquarium in Xcaret is designed in such a way that it mimics the natural habitat of the colorful tropical fish and aquatic life housed there.

You can also go on a sea-trek. The sea-trek is especially for non-swimmers who don't know how to dive but still want to explore the fabulous underwater world. You get to wear a helmet and walk on the ocean floor feeling safe to marvel at the treasures you will see.


You can swim at the white-sanded beaches or swim in the underground river. You can even swim with the dolphins! Get to know these gentle creatures up close and personal by swimming in the Delphinarium.

Another option is for you to take a dip in any of the five wading pools located on one side of the beach.

Ecological Tours

Interact with the flora and fauna of Xcaret by going on a guided tour of the park's natural treasures.


You can go snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also try "snuba," a combination of the two.

Visit the Mayan world

Step back into time and visit an ancient Mayan port. There is an archaeological site that boasts eight structures built in the late post-classic period of the Mayan civilization. There is also a Mayan village on the outskirts of town, which allows you to see how the Mayans typically lived.

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