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Playa de Carmen architecture

As Playa del Carmen is a fairly new development, most of the buildings are also new. The range of architecture varies immensely, although at the west of La Quinta and in other less developed areas, the look adopts the elements of regional building – a very laidback style using thatched roofs, rustic clapboard walls, and rough-hewn wood. This results in a very relaxed atmosphere; there are even hooks on the cabañas (thatched cottages) for you to hang your hammock.

In Playacar and along the coast, however, there are more well-appointed structures; the area is brimming with ritzy hotels, big all-inclusive resorts and chic restaurants. Here, you can see a wide range of architectural styles ranging from classic to modern to the sybaritic. There are Mediterranean-style buildings as well as elegant neo-classic structures.

Of course, there are also the Mayan ruins which stand as a class of their own.

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