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Playa del Carmen means fun, fun, fun! It is a great place to party all night if that is how you want it. And the choices are by no means limited. You can dance 'til you drop, join in the merriment at an impromptu beach party or just relax as you sip tropical cocktails while listening to live music.

Yes, the nightlife in Playa del Carmen rocks! In Playa, the people are always in the mood for a party. They are also in the mood to meet other people and make new friends. The mixture of party happy Mexicans and cosmopolitan foreigners make for a hopping nightlife with a distinctly bohemian flavor.

What's good about Playa is that you can be eating dinner one moment and partying the next. These restaurants just magically turn into nightclubs once dinner hour is over. The bars close at around 2:00 in the morning while the nightclubs and discos stay open until around 4:00 a.m., some are open even later.

Most of the bars and nightclubs are along the La Quinta. There are also great beach bars where you can indulge in all-night beach raves or simply howl at the moon.

Come and explore Playa del Carmen at night and have the time of your life! Learn more about Playa del Carmen's nightlife:

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