Playa de Carmen road

You can rent a car and drive to Playa del Carmen at your own pace. You can usually find rental car agencies at the airports.

Here are the distances to Playa del Carmen (in kilometers)

Isla Mujeres 78 km
Puerto Morelos 32 km
Tulum 63 km
Chichen Itza 271 km
Merida 388 km
Xcaret 7 km
Puerto Aventuras 19 km
Akumal 32 km
Xel-Ha 49 km
Cancun Downtown 67 km
Cancun Airport 55 km

There is only one Highway to be used to reach Playa del Carmen from other cities along the Riviera Maya – Highway 307, so it is quite easy to navigate to Playa del Carmen. However, when approaching Playa del Carmen from Cancun, keep to the inside lanes, this way, you can turn left at any one of the traffic lights.

When in Playa del Carmen, the major arteries would be Avenida Constituyentes (ideal when you want to reach the northern part) and Avenida Juarez (which leads to Playa's main square).

Driving Tips

Here are some tips to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable drive on the roads of Mexico and on the way to Playa del Carmen:

  • Drive defensively: It may sometimes seem to you that traffic rules are treated more as guidelines, so be on the lookout. Locals don't usually use their turn signals. Sometimes, you see a driver using a left turn signal – this may mean that the driver is turning left, or this may mean that he is telling you it is safe to pass him. If you pass him, say thank you by turning on your right turn signal.
  • Car insurance: You will need Mexican car insurance, as non-Mexican insurance is not accepted when driving in Mexico.
  • One way streets: Playa del Carmen is full of one-way streets! To add to the confusion, these streets are not usually marked. So, use your powers of observation to make sure you don't go the wrong way. That way, you avoid getting a ticket.
  • Keep a full tank: Gas stations may not be where you expected it to be, and if they were, they may not have gas available, so it's good to have a full tank in case you get lost. Fill your car up whenever you can.
  • Carry a compass and a map; make sure your compass works.
  • Have a call card ready in case you need to make an emergency call.
  • Bring some water.
  • Be careful when parking, do not park wherever you want. You may discover, to your dismay, that your car has been impounded, or your license plates taken.
  • Follow the speed limits, even when others do not.
  • Turning left off a highway: When on Highway 307 and you want to turn left, pull over to the right and then stop. Wait until the traffic clears and then you can make a turn.

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