Playa de Carmen bicycles

Aside from cars and taxis, you have other forms of transport to choose from.


You can rent motorcycles in some rental shops in Playa del Carmen. These are more convenient than car rentals, as parking is not so much of an issue.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rentals
Address: Constituyentes Avenue with Highway 307 traffic light intersection
Telephone: 984-106-0500

Triciclos (Tricycles)

This Mexican version of the rickshaw are large tricycles that can be found almost anywhere in Playa del Carmen. These are great options for getting around Playa del Carmen. These can help you carry your luggage. Be sure to as for the cost up-front.


You can rent bicycles in some hotels – for one hour or longer. Use the bike path along 10th Avenue between Constituyentes and Juarez Streets. Keep off 5th Avenue, as this is a pedestrian-only street and bicycles are not allowed. Don't leave your bike unattended.

Playa Bike
Address: Between 10th and 12th streets by the beach


  • When riding in a motorcycle or bike, use a helmet!
  • Avoid renting scooters, as these are often poorly maintained and thus, accident prone.

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