Having a comfortable and reliable place to relax, sleep and leave your belongings is an essential part of a positive experience abroad. That's why, prior to housing students, all of our student accommodations must pass a strict approval process that is carried out by school staff members. We then continue to monitor each accommodation before, during and after each student's stay to ensure unfaltering quality and comfort.

When you sign up to study Spanish with us in Playa del Carmen, you can choose between staying in a host family and staying in a student residence. Below we have provided some basic information about each student lodging option so that you can get an idea of what's available. For more information - lodging characteristics, prices, etc.

Host Family Lodging in Playa del Carmen

Staying in a host family is the most popular option for lodging in Playa del Carmen. These hand-picked local Mexican families welcome students to share in their day-to-day lives while providing a continuous and genuine Spanish-speaking environment in which students can constantly practice and improve their Spanish skills.

Room: single or double
Meal plan: breakfast only or half board

Residence Lodging in Playa del Carmen

A student residence provides you with the opportunity to share the study abroad experience with fellow students of all ages and nationalities in a lively, multicultural environment. The meal plan includes breakfast only, but all residences have common kitchens for student use that are equipped with everything you might need to prepare your own meals.

Room: single or double
Meal plan: breakfast only

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