Xel-Ha means “place where water is born.” It is a magical, marvelous slice of paradise in the Riviera Maya and provides you with the perfect opportunity for relaxing, snorkeling and simply, nature tripping. The park is a natural aquarium which is set in a magnificent backdrop of stunning limestone formations and is home to tropical fish of all shapes and colors. The combination of the ocean with underground rivers and freshwater currents of the springs results in an amazing ecosystem. It is a wonderland of lagoons, inlets, thick jungle, caves and archaeological sites. Plus, you can even get to swim with the dolphins in the park!

The park is also abundant in flora, such as Caribbean palms, Chechen and zapote trees and over 350 species of other plants and flowers.

Address: Carretera Chetumal-Cancún km 240
Telephone: 984-875-6000
Opening Hours: Daily, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Snorkeling at Xel-Ha Park

The clear and warm waters of the Xel-Ha inlet is home to stunning fishes and marine flora. You can go on an aquatic adventure and explore the inlet's marine ecosystem.

Sea Trek at Xel-Ha Park

Experience the new craze called helmet diving, where you can get close to the fishes while feeling safe.

"Snuba" at Xel-Ha Park

This combines scuba with snorkeling. This allows you to descend to the reef-zone with an air tank providing you with the necessary oxygen. However, the air tank is not attached to your body but is left floating on the surface.

Other Attractions at Xel-Ha Park

  • Xel-Ha River – This river is home to colorful fish and is fed by underground fresh-water springs. Take a refreshing dip!
  • The Mayan Cave – Welcome to the world of cenotes which is a mystical, magical experience. Also explore the cenotes or sinkholes in the park.
  • Hammock Island – Want to relax after all that activity? Then soak up the sand while lying in a hammock in this island.
  • Mangrove trees – These provide a refuge to most of the marine life and is a group of trees that live in salt water.
  • Tree nursery – Here, most of the parks flora is raised and preserved, especially the endangered local species
  • Archaeological ruins – Not only is Xel-Ha blessed with natural wonders, it also has some Mayan ruins for you to visit.
  • Floating bridge – This 80-meter bridge floats up to the Caribbean and provides a fabulous view of the cove.

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